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Not many are exceptionally talented when it comes to re-arranging your home with Antique, vintage and modern furniture.

It can baffle even the wisest of all, so anyways I have learnt the following stuff from my own mistakes here is the to do list for you :

1) Put a good looking modern bench under an ornate console or desk and it will liven up the entire space for you.
2)Pair of stacking 1970s Lucite Table Lamps combined with a modern sofa will certianly look great!
3) A modern ‘Great Parchment Dining or Center Tableglass dining table’ surrounded by Lucite chairs will be a stunning combination when paired with an ornate crystal chandelier and antique silver mirror.
4) A rustic looking dining table paired with modern aluminum chairs creates terrific contrast.
5)Cover an old regency or Louis bergere chair in an ultra modern fabric.
6)A piece of modern art in a room filled with antiques creates a pop.
7)Put modern lamps on an antique sofa table, or vice versa.
8)Place modern chairs around a beautiful, round French or English wood pedestal table.
9)A fireplace mantel in a modern room can really become a focal point if there’s a single, ornate, antique piece placed on it.
10)A modern light fixture hanging in a room full of rustic antiques is a powerful statement. Likewise an ornate fixture in a modern room stands out and adds character.
11)In a reading nook pair an antique chair with a modern side table.

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Join our faboulous community today!

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